Project Director - JRS Thailand (Urban Education Project, Bangkok)

The Urban Education Project Director is responsible for the direction and implementation of a local JRS project and its staff.  The responsibilities of this position include developing new initiatives and project proposals; implementation and evaluation of the approved proposal; administration of the project’s finances; and care for the JRS team and its relations with the local refugee population and with local authorities. The Project Director directly supervises; Education Officer and is under a supervision of the Acting Country Director / Country Director.  The Project Director manages the overall project implementation such as planning, budgeting, setting up activities and reporting. 

He / She must ensure success of the overall project activities; including the financial part; develop reports and proposals; set up network with existing and potential partners.  He / She must be able to supervise the Education Officer on his/her tasks; facilitate and monitor the language; and/or vocational training program.  The Project Director must provide information related to the urban education on refugees and asylum seekers related issues in Thailand to schools.

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Psychosocial Counsellor - JRS Thailand (URP Bangkok Project)

The Psychosocial Counsellor is responsible for developing and implementing JRS psychosocial support services for asylum seekers in Bangkok and works closely with the Project Director.

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