JRS Asia Pacific has considered education to be a form of protection for refugees since Fr Pierre Ceyrac started an education program for Kmer refugees in 1980. The focus on education continues as JRS AP supports education programs in four refugee sites along the Thai/Burma border. In Mae Hong Son, JRS works with the Karenni Education Department to provide training for teachers. JRS also provides adult education in the camps to provide skills and literacy, while educating parents on the value of eduaction.

As former Superior General of the Jesuits, Peter Hans-Kolvenbach said, 'While always ready to help refugees in their material and spiritual wants, and also in designing projects leading to a fuller and more independent life, we try to place special emphasis on being with and doing with, rather than doing for. We want our presence among refugees to be one of sharing with them, of accompaniment, of walking together along the same path.

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