Sister Marie Jeanne Ath
What  I remember most from JRS was the great team both at the border camps and in Cambodia. The team gave me the energy to support my work among the poor.  I loved the grace of being among the poorest ones but even more I remember the team and the Masses and sharing of life and faith that was so clear among us.  We did not speak it out in many words but lived it together. Love was what bound us together  and  urged us on. The team gave me hope and a home  and encouragement and laughter, and the opportunity to serve and accompany and advocate. 

Now I am not able to eat and not able to sleep much just like many refugees and asylum seekers and poor families.  Here they give me things for the pain.

I send a big love to everyone in JRS all over the world but especially to the ones who have known and loved me and I have known and loved in JRS since 1987. Have Courage.

Sister Marie Jeanne Ath

 * Sister Ath wrote the Khmer version of  a hymn based on the Jesus’ words, “Whatever you do the least of my little ones you do to me.” Samon has sculpted the words for the reflection centre chapel.

Sr Ath passed away December 2010 in France.
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