Tun Chanareth and Song Kossal, advocates for the International Ban Landmines Coalition. (Photo by Lian Yong, JRS Cambodia)
In 1993, JRS had a program to support those affected by anti-personnel land mines, other explosive ordinances and the civil war.  After the conflict in Cambodia many people were suffering from many things.  JRS was one organization that came to help the Cambodian people, they wanted to rebuild our country and give new hope to the people, and to give them a future.  JRS cared about people and they treated the people affected by the war.  They helped refugees come from everywhere to Cambodia to live and rebuild their lives.  

JRS was an organization that I believed in – many priests and many nuns used their real compassion, action and belief, and they showed us how to live, and how to share.  We learnt from their compassion that they showed us, and that they gave to everyone.  

I joined JRS in maybe July or August 1993.  First I joined the JRS wheelchair-making program.  When I first joined, I didn’t care about others, I only cared about myself and how to bring up my family.  Then I joined the campaign to ban land mines and then I knew how to help others, especially the people of Cambodia.  

Now I am part of the JRS and international campaign to ban land mines.  I now have the opportunity to help others, it is a slow process but I hope it is successful.  

Tun Chanareth, landmine survivor and advocate for the International Ban Landmines Campaign

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