Louie RM Bacomo, Regional Programme Officer
I first joined JRS in 1997-1999 as a volunteer in Cambodia. In 2010, I began working in JRS Asia Pacific office in Bangkok. I spent the 10 years in between working with other development organisations. 

JRS has a unique way of working with the displaced and refugees that I did not experience in many of the organisations I have worked with. When many would insist on being “professional” and the protocols involved in relating and working with refugees, JRS celebrates the personal and direct contact with the refugees and people served. In fact, this relationship is the anchor and compass of the people in JRS. This way of proceeding makes me appreciate more deeply the mission to accompany, serve and advocate for refugees.

After my volunteer years, I studied and trained to become a professional development worker. Working in JRS, I realised that “professional” is not enough; having a direct and personal relationship with the people I serve completes my service.

Louie RM Bacomo, Regional Programme Officer

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