Sai Oo, refugee from Kungjor Camp
I have been accompanied by JRS and believe it to be an impressive organisation. JRS does not only offer material assistance but also spiritual accompaniment.

JRS treats the people it serves with respect and dignity. JRS staff make friends with those they serve and form good relationships with the community. JRS staff are part of our community while they work with us. 

I often see JRS staff smiling and I can see in their eyes where those smiles were coming from. Their eyes show the deep love in their heart. 

Whilst learning from the past, implementing ideas in the present and planning for the future JRS has assisted us by helping us explore past causes, resolving the present problems and providing education for the future. 

The materials and support from JRS that I and my students rely on are very necessary things for us. I have heard from so many teachers and parents in the community that they are very grateful to JRS. 

JRS has also helped us see how to become more self-reliant with activities like growing mushrooms, marketing for the weaving project and so on. In addition, it supports and encourages the health sector and others things which are important for our community. 

Also, I am amazed that JRS has never tried to convince me of anything but rather allows us to make our own choices. I hope JRS continues its work and I am very grateful for all you have done. 

Thank you JRS. 

Sai Oo, refugee from Kungjor Camp

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