Vatchareeya Thanyaanphol, nurse, IDC
For 14 years I have loved, and highly valued the work of JRS. JRS is like a big family. JRS is truthfulness and honesty. The staff often work without reward from the people we serve. This is the identity of JRS.

Nowadays, JRS feels more like a company because of how we use technology. Technology has changed our relationships. With technology the communication between our brothers and sisters is through a machine rather than from person to person. 

On this occasion of 30 years of JRS I sincerely hope we can combine this technology with our spirituality and still keep our identity. Thank you Fr Arrupe for establishing JRS to help the vulnerable people around the world. Thank you to everyone at JRS who keeps things moving. May God bless JRS with happiness and prosperity. I am proud to be a part of JRS.

Vatchareeya Thanyaanphol, nurse, IDC

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