Jennifer Titmuss, project director (far right) and Frecy, community development officer, conduct informal interviews with people who have fled conflict in Burma.
At JRS we are constantly encouraged to question whether our projects are reaching those in greatest need, taking care to seek out those which others have left behind, while at the same time ensuring that we are creating durable solutions and not just ‘sticking plasters’ on quick fixes.  

This mandate encourages us to be continually innovative.  In Mae Sot, each new project and activity is designed carefully together with the community right from day one in a manner that it should become self-sustainable over time.  

In this way, we aim to avoid creation of dependency and to instead provide long-term livelihoods and community development solutions for forced migrants and refugees, enabling communities to help themselves.  My team and I are therefore grateful every day for this opportunity to be creative in our service of refugees.
Jennifer Titmuss, project director, JRS Mae Sot

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